Patent Invalidity and Technical Information Search in Japan

Patent Invalidity Search

When you need additional information for the patent invalidity on IPR (Inter Partes Review), PGR (Post Grant Review), Re-Examination or investment, searching related information in Japan may be extremely useful.

Japan has a large amount of patent information that is very well organized by domestic patent category (e.g. F-Term) and it is very efficient to find necessary information. We see many of full text Japanese patent information that is translated into English by software, however, it is far away poor quality of patent invalidity consideration or Investment therefore we search, in Japanese, in Japan with US IP knowledge for your argument.

There are also many product manuals, product guide, college thesis, publication, market report that is written in Japanese, not available over the internet, but we can find out relevant information for your specific needs.


Technical Information Search

For your investment or business expansion into Japan, you may want technical information or market overview from technical prospective. We can find our relating information based on your unique business needs and happy to discuss over phone. Our team has more than 20 years IP based business experience in a business corporation, instead of in pure IP industry.

Our firm has Japanese Patent Attorney and Japanese native US Patent Agent living in Japan and we can provide first class patent invalidity and technical information and report that meet with your goal.

Our activity is based on the Non Disclosure Agreement and comprehensive dialog with your team to determine the best possible approach to find our required information, instead of pure email or Fax communication because we believe the discussion is critically important in this field.


IPNJ Patent Attorneys Office and Nieda Beilkoku Chizai Jimusho Team.

Why Us?

  Finding information for novelty or obviousness argument in Japan is like a swim in the ocean. It is critically important to have ability to judge what is important when we search information for your argument in the US. We operate in Japan with sufficient US IP knowledge with native Japanese language. We know what is important from US IP law prospective in order to determine best, market, product, scope and element for search by providing best possible interpretation of your novelty or obviousness argument or investment decision. 


  In Japan, there are so many information written in Japanese only such as technical report and book that describe technical background and its practice. This information is extremely difficult to find/check from outside of Japan. 


  We are proud to provide tailor made service for your specific business needs. None of the case is identical. Every case has different subject, different timing and different objective.  We would love to talk with you instead of emails or fax.


  We use best in class search team in Japan based on your business goal. We manage those teams daily basis for the best possible result.


  We can move for you in Japan... Going to stores, public library or college to find out book, literature and thesis written in Japanese that are not available in the internet


  We know business with having long term IP base business experience. Business is a difficult area for typical law firms. We know positioning is important in business as you understand.


  We are a team. You win then we win. With minimum set of fee and expense, we are happy to consider contingency base compensation so that both of us work together to win. 

Potential Discovery Protection

  As we all know, there is no absolute protection to Discovery in the US. However, it is better to have more way to protect your information to Discovery. Due to recent ruling in the court, we may be able to provide Patent Agent - Client Privilege to your search activity, as long as your search activity falls within normal and authorized work by USPTO to the US Patent Agent, and Commissioner of Patents responded that their rights in the Patent Office will be exactly the same to the right of Patent Attorney (IN RE: QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY AT KINGSTON).


  We carefully study cases regarding to Attorney - Clients Privilege and Patent Agent - Client Privilege in the US and work carefully to provide better potential protection to Discovery. The cases we are studying including;






  If you are using any Patent Search service in ASIA, we can make arrangement to provide potential Patent Agent - Client Privilege using your current service provider without any additional fee. We can work with your current service provider for this possible and potential protection to Discovery in the US.

Senior Partner

Toshiyuki Inui



  Japanese Patent Attorney

  Gyoseishosi Lawyer (+Registered agent for residence and immigration)



  MBA in Management of Technology (Graduate School of Innovation Management, Tokyo Institute of Technology)



  The Nisshin Oillio Group, Ltd., R&D section ,IP section

  Kyocera Corp., IP department

  Shobayashi International Patent and Trademark Office, Partner Patent Attorney

  IP Experience: 20 years


<Strong Area>

  IP service: Patent, Trademark, Design, Dispute, Licensing

  Search: Prior Art Search, Invalidity Search, FTO Search and Expert Opinion, Trademark Search

  Research and Consulting: IP strategy, R&D Strategy, Innovation, Branding, IP Due Diligence


<Technical Field>

  Machinery, Control System, Electronic Equipment, Software, IT, Communication Protocol, Broadcasting, Automobile, Smartphone, Semiconductor, Medical Equipment, Sanitary Product, Digital Camera, Copy Machine, Chemical, Food, Beverage, Cosmetics


Kaz Nieda



  US Patent Agent



  MBA in Management of Technology (Graduate School of Innovation Management, Tokyo Institute of Technology)



  Motorola Japan

  DTS Inc.

  IP Experience: 19 years


<Strong Area>

  IP service: Patent, Design, Licensing, IP Sales

  Search: Prior Art Search, Invalidity Search

  Dispute Resolution in IP Field


<Technical Field>

  Digital Signal Processing, Machinery, Control System, Audio and Video, Voice Communication, Electronic Equipment, Software, IT, Communication Protocol, Broadcasting, Automobile, Smartphone, Semiconductor, Medical Equipment


Kaz Nieda USPTO #50,226

TEL: +81-050-3736-6250

Skype: nieda.kazuyuki











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